Atz' Chaim BBG #2043

Atz' Chaim BBG #2043

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All About BBYO!

BBYO stands for B’nai Brith Youth Organization.  It is an international youth group for Jewish teens grades 8-12.  It is divided into regions based on area.  There are regions all over the US and even in some other countries, including Bulgaria, Serbia, the UK, Ireland, and Turkey.  Mixed gender chapters are referred to as BBYO chapters.

BBG, or B’nai Brith Girls, is the name used to refer to the girls of BBYO.  An all-girls chapter is referred to as a BBG chapter.

AZA stands for Aleph Zadik Aleph, and it consists of the guys in BBYO.  An all-guys chapter is referred to as  an AZA chapter.

CRW (Central Region West #45), is the BBYO region that our chapter is located in.   There are currently twelve BBG chapters, nine AZA chapters, and one BBYO chapter in CRW, all of which are in the Bay Area.  We have regional dances, business meetings, and conventions throughout the year.

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