Atz' Chaim BBG #2043

Atz' Chaim BBG #2043

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2015 Summer Term Board (June-December)

N'siah - Miriam Alper

S'ganit - Maya Walborsky

Morah - Zoe Sprintz

Yehudia - Sasha Dvoskin

Sh'licha - Arielle Smith and Sabrina Rakhmilevich

Mazkirah - Anya Gessesse

Gizbarit - Molly Peck and Karina Estrin

Katvanit - Noa Branitzky

Safranit - Georgia Braun

YoMo - Gal Wolf

Chai-Chanit - Daniella Baird and Anat Baird

Madricha - Hannah Stein

What Are All of the Different Positions? What do They do?

-Runs chapters business meetings and elections
-Works with each board member to set up their goals and make them reality
-Publicizes regional and international events and encourages girls to go

-Oversees the chapter board and all chapter business

-Gives the Midstate and State of the Chapter at the middle and end of the term, respectively

-Provides guidance to any member of the chapter

-Creates election packet and encourages girls to be leaders.

“Vice President of Programming”
-In charge of keeping and maintaining the calendar
-Appoints and oversees chairwoman

-Works with other chapter S’ganim to plan inter-chapter events
-Lets the Mazkirah know about event details for the Mazkirah to send out the weekly update
-Oversees and assists with planning of weekly events
-Finds housing, staff, and rides for all events.

“Vice President of Membership”
-Set up membership goals & develop a strategy to accomplish them
-Plans MIT, Inductions, PIT, and Traditions Night

-Calls prospective members to give them weekly event details

-Updates the prospective roster

-Preserves chapter traditions
-In charge of retaining active members and encouraging inactive members to return into activity
-Guides new members through the ins and outs of BBYO

“VP Judaic Programming, Community Service & Advocacy”
-Celebrate and educate members on various Jewish holidays on the calendar
-Coordinates chapter volunteer events, Shabbats and Chapter Kallah

-In charge of the folds of Jewish Heritage, Social Action, and Community Service

-Educates the chapter on StandUp! and promotes it along with the Gizborit

-Leads Havdallah and Birkat Hamazon at events

-Educates the chapter on Israel

-Sends out a weekly email to update members and parents about news in the chapter

-Collects attendance for the upcoming weekend’s events, has it 100% Complete by Wednesday night

-Sends attendance to high board, the event planners, and the houser
-Maintains chapter roster

-Coordinates chapter fundraisers
-Works with N'siah to make chapter apparel

-In charge of chapter funds
-Promotes StandUp! alongside the Sh’licha
-Collects money at events and makes sure that anyone owing money pays in a reasonable time frame.

-Brings the HaHa box to business meetings.

-Works with the s'ganit to ensure that chapter reimburses those who need money for bought event supplies.

“Recording Secretary”
-Takes minutes at every chapter business meeting

-Helps N'siah choose business meeting themes
-sends in minutes to Regional Mazkirah and chapter
-makes “creative minutes” to be considered for the Best Creative Minutes award at the following Spring Convention 

-works with the N’siah to promote chapter spirit and business meeting attendance

-Takes pictures and videos at events

-Uploads them to Facebook (encouraged within 48 hours of event) 

-In charge of the chapter Scrapbook entry for regional Spirit Competitions (Winter Term only) 

-Creates an end-of-term project to show a reflection of the past term

"Media Director" 
-Runs and updates website (the one you're on)
-Runs Twitter account 
-Runs Instagram account 
-Works with Safranit 

“Happy Sunshine Girl”
-Cheers up members that are feeling down
-Makes treats or baked goods to make the chapter happy

-Makes thank you cards for parents who house events or drive to/from events

 -Recognizes birthdays of chapter members
-Spreads happiness and sunshine throughout the chapter
-Promotes chapter spirit!

“Past N’siah (Last President)”
-Offers wisdom and advice to the chapter
-Works with the current N’siah to ensure the welfare of the chapter.
-Helps educate chapter on Parlimentary Procedures

Past Boards:

2014-2015 Winter Term Board (December-June)

N'siah- Hannah Stein

S'ganit- Emily James

Morah- Maya Walborsky

Sh'licha- Sasha Dvoskin

Mazkirah- Arielle Smith

Gizborit- Miriam Alper and Zoe Sprintz

Katvanit- Molly Peck

Safranit- Liza Turchinsky

YoMo- Anya Gessesse and Sabrina  Rakhmilevich

Chai-Chanit-  Eden Wolf and Noa Branitzky

 2014 Summer Term Board (June-December)

N'siah - Gal Wolf

S'ganit - Hannah Stein

Morah - Miriam Alper

Sh'licha - Emily James

Mazkira - Maya Walborsky

Gizbarit -  Sasha Dvoskin

Katvanit - Karina Estrin

Safranit - Arielle Smith

Yomo - Eden Wolf

Chai-Chaniot - Molly Peck & Zoe Sprintz

Madricha - Flo Laber

2013-2014 Winter Term Board (December-June)

N'siah - Flo Laber 

S'ganit - Gal Wolf

Morah - Hannah Stein 

Sh'licha - Kayleigh Migdol and Karina Estrin

Mazkira - Miriam Alper

Gizbarit -  Emily James and Danielle Syrkin

Katvanit - Emily James 

Safranit - Kayleigh Migdol 

Chai-Chanit - Danielle Sigura

Madricha - Danielle Sigura

2013 Summer Term Board (June-December)

(In Progress)

2012-2013 Winter Term Board (December-June)

N'siah - Miranda Katz

S'ganit - Elaine James

Morah - Danielle Sigura

Shlicha - Flo Laber

Mazkirah - Coral Zohar

Gizbarit - Isabel Haggerty

Katvanit - Natalie Thiel

Safranit - Rita Mikhailova

Yoramit Machshev - Kayleigh Migdol

Chai Chaniot - Rachel England & Kelsi Krandel

Madricha - Mica Laber

2012 Summer Term Board (June-December)

N'siah- Mica Laber

S'ganit- Miranda Katz

Morah-Elaine James

Sh'licha- Isabel Haggerty

Mazkirot- Rita Mikhailova & Natalie Thiel

Gizbarit- Mackenzie Peterson

Katvanit- Flo Laber

Orechot- Hannah Pack & Coral Zohar

Safranit- Danielle Sigura

Yoramit Machshev- Kayleigh Migdol

Chai Chaniot- Olivia Anderson & Katherine Kisin

Madricha- Rachel England 

2011-2012 Winter Term Board (January-June)

N'siah - Rachel England

S'ganit - Mica Laber

Morah - Coral Zohar

Shlichot - Olivia Anderson & Mackenzie Peterson

Mazkirot - Elaine James & Ronni Ravid

Gizbariot - Maya Dahan & Miriam Moss

Katvanit - Shani Eshel

Safranit - Natalie Thiel

Yoramit Machshev - Elaine James & Natalie Thiel

Chai Chanit - Rita Mikhailova

Madricha - Shelley Baker