Atz' Chaim BBG #2043

Atz' Chaim BBG #2043

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Our chapter is called Atz’ Chaim BBG #2043, and it is open to all Jewish girls who live in or go to school in San Jose or Santa Clara.  Our chapter colors are yellow and green, and our mascot is Melody “Mel” the ladybug.  We have an awesome bond with our two sister chapters, and we love our brother chapter very much.  We’re a lot of fun, and we take pride in our tight sisterly bonds.  We love meeting new people and welcoming new BBG’s into what we consider to be our Atz’ Chaim family.

About Atz' Chaim:

Chapter Name: Atz' Chaim (means “Tree of Life”)

Chapter Number: 2043

Chapter Colors: Yellow and Green

Chapter Mascot: Melody(Mel) the Ladybug

Chapter Candy: M&M's

Chapter Fruit: Mango

Chapter Drink: Diet Coke

Chapter Movies: Wayne's World and Now and Then

Brother Chapter: House of David (HoD) AZA #1488

Sister Chapters: 

    Region:  Central Region West (CRW) #45